Lily Flower | Portraits | Los Angeles, CA

The other night, as I was prepping for a shoot and packing up the car, I saw that the last of the lilies I bought was on its last leg. It was already 10pm, but I decided, what the hell, let's set everything up and do an impromptu shoot. So, I decided to channel my inner Maggie West and have a little fun while testing out my new strobe kicker and some gels! Which one is your favorite?

Clayton's Public House | Spaces | Los Angeles, CA

Below are some images I took of Clayton's Public House in Downtown LA for Yelp Reservations. The cocktails I photographed were handcrafted by the lovely Christine that was making them for me. It took all of me not to drink them all and get wasted on the job! I also don't generally put up food photos, but Clayton's was too cool not to post! It's hard for me to pass up a place with a dramatic mahogany bar and big, sturdy stools to match. The high ceilings, brick facade, and large mirrored centerpiece over the bar made for a really elegant yet unassuming atmosphere. I'm honestly surprised I had never been in there before, especially since I lived downtown when I first moved to LA. If you're ever in the area, they're located 541 S Spring St. I highly recommend the Aida Overton Walker cocktail and the fish and chips (the owner is British)!