Study Hall LA & G-Star Raw | Events | Los Angeles, CA

Below are images I shot for Study Hall LA – second in a series of conferences around sustainable literacy in collaboration with MIT Media Lab, G-Star RAW & Ace Hotel. The conference addressed sustainable solutions for the fashion industry and efforts in creating a more sustainable future. Some notable participants included Claire Bergkamp (Head of Sustainability at Stella McCartney), Amber Valletta (Supermodel and Sustainability Advocate), and Stacy London (Stylist and TV Personality)!

Location: The Theatre at Ace Hotel

PS It's kind of cool seeing my work pop up on their social media! Peep some screen grabs below :)

Art Basel | Events | Miami, FL

Happy New Year, all! I hope are all well and rested and ready to kick this year's ass. Last year brought me through many personal highs and a lot more lows, but I'm doing my best to stay optimistic. I'm going to throw myself into work and into learning as much as I can to continue to grow my photography. I've kicked everything into full gear already. Despite having a camera away for repairs, I've got one shoot under my belt, I've recently started a new photo gig that's super fun, and I have shoots planned all this weekend. Also, I've been trying to meet other local photographers which I hope will lead to learning more and pushing me to be creative. If you're an artist in Orlando, I want to meet you, photograph you, or just grab coffee and talk. Reach out! I don't bite!

Anyway, I went down to Miami for Art Basel last month and saw lots of amazing and inspiring art. Browse down below if you'd like to see the latest and greatest in the art world. Warning: I took a lot of photos, so grab a snack for this one. Thanks for stopping by!