Shaun | Portraits | Death Valley, CA

Hi friends! Sooo... I tried making a video (keyword: tried). I mostly did it to teach myself how to use Adobe Premiere Pro. And along the way, I realized I am *not* a videographer by any means! Even though I'm using the same camera, video is a whole other demon in which I have no clue how anything works. However, I like trying to teach myself new things and I like the editing process, so I think I'll keep at it. Unfortunately for you, you'll have to bear through my crappy videos until I get better. Also, It probably wasn't the best idea to make a video of clips mostly taken from inside a Corvette driving through the desert of California, but oh well. Can't take it back now!

Below is a little video of my recent road trip from Los Angeles to Death Valley National Park, and stills of Shaun getting naked in the desert. I should warn you, my cinematography style reflects that of the original Blair Witch Project, so I hope you don't feel too motion sick after viewing :P If you do, pop a Dramamine! Once again, thanks so much for stopping by!

Music: Genghis Khan by Miike Snow