Nina | Portraits | Winter Park, FL

I met Nina in my yoga class a couple of months ago. Well, "meet" if you count me stalking her after class as "meeting." My friend and I had been wanting to photograph a dancer for a while and when my yoga instructor mentioned that Nina was a dancer, I just had to ask if she wanted to collab on a shoot. She was totally down and even though she hadn't really modeled before, she was a natural. She knew how to move and what looked good; she was totally confident in front of the camera. More props to her because she pretty much danced and held poses for two hours straight. That's not easy. And to make it look easy is even more difficult. Makes sense? Good. She nailed it is what I'm trying to say. AND she's only 17! So lay off, boys!

Thanks for stopping by and here's to shooting with more dancers soon!