Tiffani | Portraits | Miami, FL

I photographed Tiffani two years ago and since I was making my way back down to Miami to visit my friend Brittany, I thought it was time for a redo. We went back to Wynwood since it's my favorite place in Miami and such a unique spot for art with tons of different backgrounds and textures to play around with. First, the weather looked like it was going to pour, but then it stayed overcast and cooled off *slightly.* I thought we were in the clear, but just as we started shooting, the sun came out and it was as hot as you would think Miami would be in July. Tiffani, assistant-for-the-day Brittany, and I were passing around a communal sweat towel because it was that hot. Sounds gross, but whatever, it was essential. I don't know how Tiffani pulled off looking dry, but I was sweating bullets. She looked amazing as usual and we all had so much fun that we treated ourselves to tacos and popsicles after because duh! Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Thank you to the random dude that let us use his Ducati Scrambler!