Lisa | Portraits | Orlando, FL

I've photographed Lisa's family for years now, but this shoot was a surprise to me. I planned a little Lighting 101 lesson with a fellow photographer friend of mine, Wayne Denny, and the surprise model was our mutual friend, Lisa. She was great since it's extremely difficult to take a bad photograph of her. It made my first real experience using artificial lighting a bit of a breeze and an overall positive experience. For years, it intimidated me, but I figured it was time to get over it and teach this old dog some new tricks. I'm referring to me, not Lisa, obviously. She always looks great and I'm pretty sure she never ages. She's also a great sport and was totally game when I suggested she wear my motorcycle helmet; it turned her into even more of a badass. 

Thanks again to Wayne and Lisa for taking the time out to set up this shoot for me! I had a blast and learned so much!