Molly | Portraits | Sanford, FL

Molly and I connected over Craigslist. She needed a photographer and I needed a model. Luckily, we didn't have a creepy Craigslist encounter we so often hear about. I needed a model because my friend and I planned on shooting out near Lake Jesup where sunflowers grow wild and in abundance for a few weeks in early October. We planned for it, but, unfortunately, we planned a little too late. The sunflowers looked sad and less plentiful by the time we got out there in mid-October, but we made the best of it anyway. Despite it being fall, there were still a million bugs and while it wasn't as hot, it was still not amazingly pleasant being outdoors. The can of bug spray definitely saved us that day. I think we only shot for about an hour before Molly had to go, but we got a decent amount of quality images in. She and I also shot the following day in Downtown Orlando, so keep an eye out for those soon!