Impact Wrestling | Events | Orlando, FL

My friend Shaun aka Eli Drake at TNA Impact Wrestling was able to get me in to photograph one of their shows at Universal Orlando last week. I had never shot professional wrestling, but I have photographed concerts before so I had a tiny idea of what to expect as far as lighting would be concerned. I knew it would mostly be low lighting and that it would fluctuate a lot. And it did, but mostly when the wrestlers were making their entrance and the rest of the match was decently lit. I was put ringside right next to the cameramen and had free reign as long as I didn't get in their way, which was actually kind of difficult. There were at least three cameramen and one main camera whose line of sight I had to duck under. I think there was another one flying around on a crazy long arm, but I didn't have to worry about that one. But one other thing I did have to worry about was getting out of the way of flying wrestlers. That happened a couple of times and thankfully my reflexes are quicker than I thought because I got out of their way without being crushed. I'm really happy I was given the opportunity to shoot this and I had a great time doing it. I shot for three and-a-half hours straight and gained newfound respect for professional wrestlers; that ish is not easy! Hopefully, I'll be able to work with Impact more in 2017. Thanks for looking and check them out on Pop TV!