Alex | Portraits | Deltona, FL

Let me preface by saying this shoot was a challenge! The elements were not on our side that day. Alex and the location were perfect, but we could have done without the rain and mosquitoes. A little background: Alex and I had been following each other on Instagram for at least a couple of years, but hadn't ever actually met. While she's from Central Florida, she was living in LA. Luckily though, in the interim of leaving LA and moving to New York, she was home for a few weeks, so I decided to hit her up and shoot! And that's exactly what we did. My friend Wayne, Alex, and I grabbed our gear and headed to Green Spring Park in Deltona, a location Alex had previously shot at and one that I was dying to explore. 

Green Spring Park is amazing! It's seriously a hidden gem of Central Florida. It's a small spring and you can't swim in it, but the milky green of the water is so enchanting and mesmerizing, it doesn't look real. Even on that particular day with steady rain and a disconcerting amount of mosquitoes, it was still magical. And Alex killed it. We were all soaked through and I thought of calling it a day, but she was enthusiastic on climbing the fence and posing out on the large tree that hung over the spring. With mulch and rain on her and makeup running, it didn't bother her and it made for some incredible photographs. It created a story and a mood that wouldn't have been possible if the conditions were "better." 

Thanks to Alex and Wayne for helping me execute another vision and best of luck to Alex in New York! Thanks all for looking!