Hi, friends! I'm Jean Marie.

I'm an Orlando, Florida-based photographer focusing on portraiture, lifestyle, brands, and travel.

Wanderer. Homebody. Caught in the middle.

California is my second home.

I’m addicted to coffee because I’m an adult.

Cider > beer. Don’t judge me.

Filipino food is my favorite probably because, well, I'm Filipino. #hapa

I make a mean banana bread.

I’m probably listening to Spotify’s Viral Hits or New Music Friday playlist.

I ride a motorcycle. It’s cute as hell.

I have tattoos and, yes, Mom, I'm getting more! :P

The last shows I watched were Insecure, Love, and The Handmaid's Tale.

I photograph grown men in their underwear doing acrobatics (pro-wrestling).

I have a thing for elephants because they're magical creatures.

If money wasn’t a factor, I’d split my time between the mountains + the beach.

Music, poetry, and prose save me everyday. Almost literally.

My style – simple, clean, casual.

I'm just searching for moments.

I want to meet you. Let's make something beautiful together!