Hi, friends! I'm Jean Marie.

I'm a Los Angeles-based photographer focusing on portraiture, lifestyle, brands, and travel.

Wanderer. Homebody. Caught in the middle.

I'm from Florida, but California has always been my second home.

I’m addicted to coffee because I’m an adult.

Cider > beer. Don’t judge me.

Filipino food is my favorite probably because, well, I'm Filipino. #hapa

I make a mean banana bread.

I’m probably listening to Spotify’s Viral Hits or New Music Friday playlist.

I ride a motorcycle. It’s cute as hell.

I have tattoos and, yes, Mom, I'm getting more! :P

The last shows I watched were Insecure, Love, and The Handmaid's Tale.

I photograph grown men in their underwear doing acrobatics (pro-wrestling).

I have a thing for elephants because they're magical creatures.

If money wasn’t a factor, I’d split my time between the mountains + the beach.

Music, poetry, and prose save me everyday. Almost literally.

My style – simple, clean, casual.

I'm just searching for moments.

I want to meet you. Let's make something beautiful together!